Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Birthday ME!!!!!!

This is me on my 1st birthday! You gotta love the 70's kitchen we had! lol

Yup today's the big day. Number 38! Remember when you were a kid and you looked forward to the presents and the cake.... Well now I'm getting to the age where I look forward to menopause and I think I might be getting there!!! lol YEAH I am sweating like there is no tomorrow and people, of the streets and Curves, have been asking. Heck my dentist is even asking. I guess dry mouth is a sign. Of course my mouth is dry! My head took all the water and let it out! lol

Well as promised I finished my card and I'm sending it on to you. What I was thinking, and did, is put some acetate on the back of the card. Then I want to put "puffy paint", w/ glitter, to make it look like snow. So why would the windows open but the "glass" stays?! I guess you could call it a little Boo Boo. :) What I might do, for the next cuts, is NOT cut the window to open. I wanted to let you know my idea encase you liked it and I will let you "alter" my file. If you don't like the snow idea, then just leave the window like it is. Your choice.

I need to tell you about the Farmers Market. My first day was last Tuesday, May 4th, and boy did I do good! It was a windy day so I really could not display anything. But about an hour in I decided to put one of my holders out and put my Mother's Day cards out. I sold them ALL!! WOW. We paid $110 dollars for the 10'x10' spot and I made $38 dollars on Tuesday. I made $13 on the "unofficial" opening at the Senior Center. So I have mad $51 dollars so far and this market goes until October. Pretty cool! I need to make some Father's Day cards. I still have a few weeks for that.

I think I might be going now. I hope you all have a wonderful day!
Hugs and Kisses

Window Card