Thursday, April 30, 2015

Coloring Challenge 24th - 30th April

Yes another challenge....But at least you get to see my cards!  haha

Christian cards are a big seller. I can never seem to have to many Christian cards!

This one is different. I took the base of an Easel Card and I put it sideways. Make sure you dont add the top or the work space of the easel.

Pretty simple but it looks good!  :)


I know I have been MIA but I was on vacation, to Florida for a whole month.

Im up to my challenges again and the one Im joining now is Twisted Thursday... today.

Here are my "twisted" cards. I think I am misunderstanding the concept but this is what I am adding.  haha

Tell me what you think....

Friday, April 17, 2015

Hello All,

Ive been kinda missing because Im on vacation. Im in Florida and Im going to show you a holiday card.

Now no moans and grown!  haha  For me, the holiday creation season is right around the corner. When I get back, first week in May, I will be starting on my family cards... There is 14 of them this year. Holy Moly!!!!

Hope you enjoy and maybe you will be able to find this card at one of my craft shows.

Stay Warm my friends.....