Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hello everybody!

Not many of you know but I am part of a Yahoo Group called the EasyWishbladers. Today is my "Tips and Tricks" day and my tip for you, since Im such a cheap a**, is showing you how you can use Tulip brand Puffy Paint, or Fabric Paint, on your cards and paper instead of Stickles.

 In my photos I have a picture of a snowflake, which I have added for you to cut. When you have your snowflake cut, take the white puffy paint, or fabric paint,  first and go around the edges. Leave wet and then go around the edges with the glitter paint ON TOP of the white. Place it somewhere safe and and by tomorrow it will be dry.

I have added two different photos. One of the finished snowflake, with white added, and another photo of just using the glitter paint. Yes this is a photo of my last cutting file.  :)  Scroll down a bit and grab it if you haven't already.

These bottles, Tulip brand, are 4 US fl.oz which I paid about $2.00 a piece. While Stickles retail for about $3.49 and you only get 1 US fl.oz.

Hope you have enjoyed my tip. My next Tip and Tricks will be on April 17, if I remember  lol.