Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Well we made it. Another holiday about to be over.

I really feel sorry to all the children that cant Trick O' Treat because of all the snow and lost power they have. I think that one will go in the record books. You know they said that a Nor'easter has not hit this part since the Civil war.

So what about my Scary House? I bet you can do something nice with it. Maybe sending a card to your friends. :)

Christmas is Next. I know! We only have a few months. Hold on to your wallets!! lol

Have a SCARY day,
Scary House

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Almost Halloween....

Well surgery didnt go. There was some complications and Im going to have to try it again after the holidays. :( You know, it's hard to get worked up for surgery and them do a boo boo. Oh well. Keep up my attitude for it to be tried again. :)

How about a Nutty Pumpkin to go with the bat? Someone mentioned that they look like they had to much candy! lol I do believe the have.

I still have one more file for you guys that I will try to add on Monday, Halloween.

You guys have a wonderful weekend and get those pumpkins carved!

Nutty Pumpkin"

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Are you "Batty" today?

Are you really going "batty?" Some days I wonder! lol I know my good girlfriend is. She has 3 teenagers and lucky to have hair. Next year will be worse! They will all be in high school together! OMG! If I lived closer, I think I could save her more! lol

This is one of the last files I have of Halloween for you. This bat I did is really cute, but then again I think he needs yellow eyes. Since I dont scrapbook anymore, I tend to use the same paper for cutting.

Like I said, I have one more file for you but here's the problem. I am having surgery on Thursday. Nothing huge, just an out patient. I am hoping to give the last file as your Halloween gift, but if I am late, please understand. :)

Have a wonderful "batty" day!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sweetest Day...

Did you get something from your Sweetie?!?! I did. Flowers and many, many little Milky Way bars which are my favorite. I made this card and I bought him 2 of his favorite candy bars too.

I am seeing that many of you can not find my files. Go by the name of the file and it is ALWAYS under my name. This file is called "Love my Sweetie." Click on those words and it should take you to a website called 4Share. Click to download and you have to wait 20 seconds or so....sorry, Im cheap and this version is free! :)

Oh I must let you know that this file fits a 6.5"x5" card.

Hope you can use this file for Valentine's Day, Anniversary, or just because.

Love My Sweetie

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Something Bubbly

I noticed with all my cuts this year they are in orange and black, I do have alot of orange. lol But looking back this would be cool with a florescent green and black. What do you think? Just to let you know, the font is call ARCANUM. Please download it here if you do not have it. It's free too!

Remember most of my files are some one elses that I traced so please DO NOT sell them. There is that little thing called a "Copy write Law" and I dont want to get slammed nor do you. If you want to change the colors or you like the item reversed, go right ahead, but it doesnt mean that they are now yours and you can sell them.

Have you gone to scrapbook shows and seen all those people create a full page spread with Disney? Well they can get their butts in BIG trouble. I have heard that these companies have "spy's" that go to different states and sue you for EVERYTHING. So please watch what you do.

Hope you all enjoy the file! :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Halloween

For some odd reason we are have a VERY warm weather spert, which I LOVE! This is not our Indian Summer so that makes it even better.

For this download 4Share decided to be a pain and download my whole file separate. So please, find what you need and click on that. For my friends who use PDF's, it looks like your gonna have to email me. Sorry. If you want the whole file, email me and I will send it to you personally.

Another craft show tomorrow. This is the place that took care of me last year when my hip cracked and I could not move. I told my hubby, Mike, that I WILL I will always pick them first!

Ok, well here's your first of many Halloween I did this year. Hope you like that and can use them.

Hugs, Lisa

Silly Pumpkin-risalenee.GSD
Silly Pumpkin-risalenee.mtc
Silly Pumpkin-risalenee.WPC