Monday, August 29, 2011

Im here.....some days!

OMG where has the time gone? This Summer, as always, has flown by and it's not fair. I mean if you are lucky to live in one of those warmer states, which I do notm you dont know how lucky you are!!! Plus no one has been willing to adopt me. You know I come with my own craft supplies, that I am willing to share! lol

As we all know, I am not in the best of health and I am now on a Kemo drug for my rheumatoid arthritis. I guess you can swap drugs for different problems. My hair has not come out but for a week after my head kills and I fell like I am getting a head cold. I guess I can handle a week when I feel good for the next 4 months then I feel like I am going down hill and I start to hurt.

So I have been working on files for you like mad, I just need to cut them. They are mostly for Christmas and Im working on a Halloween or two. Im just trying to make several, cut at once to make it easier for me. See I am almost booked solid with craft shows from October 1st until December 10th. So if I can cut all at once, posting them will be no sweat. :)

So just hang in there and I'll be joining a Card Blog Hop that I would love for you all to look at. This is happening in the next month or so. There are tons of people who have joined and all you have to do is look at our cards and get some ideas. I hope to see you there.

As for you, I hope you are doing well and I'll be posting soon!

Hugs, Lisa