Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cut and Fold Heart Pattern

Have you guys ever been to this web site? http://www.handcraftedgreetings.com/ If not, you must go. I have been in contact with Judy, one who designed this pattern, and she has let me create a GSD so we don't have to use a craft knife.

She has done many other patterns, which I would LOVE to create and that I may add here one day. I ask you PLEASE do not create one of her patterns to a GSD file and share it or blog it with out her permission! You would not want someone to do that to your file/pattern so please do not do that to her.

Here is the link directing you to the Cut and Fold Heart Pattern. Here you will find the "how to" on creating this beautiful card. http://www.handcraftedgreetings.com/valentineinst.html

Thank you Judy again for letting me share your creations. :)


Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Trip To Sonic.....

Most of you have a Sonic near you but in Michigan they are no where to be found. I see them all the time on TBS and yes the commercials are dumb! lol I had a grape slush with the ice cream in it. YUM and fries. My friend had a burger and a normal cherry slush and she thought it was good too.

Hope you get a kick out of the pictures. Can you tell I took them myself? lol It must have been the burn I got on the boat earlier that day. :) The last picture is of my best-est friend Beth. We have been friends since the 1st grade. I don't know what I would do with out her. Love Ya Beth!

Oh, the GSD is the lizard that is on the card from a few posts ago.

Have a good Sunday and please laugh at my pictures.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Here's some pictures

These are some of the pictures I thought you might want to see of my trip. This place was soooo beautiful and coming from boring Michigan, I did not want to leave. For my friends that don't live here you don't understand. When My friend, Beth, and I were driving I-75 North I saw an orange sign saying Mowing in Progress. I have never seen that sign in my life. When we finally get to the Michigan border you can tell we have not mowed in a long time. The weeds and grass were as tall as my chest and I'm about 5'6". As usual, we are told "budget cut's" are the reason. I think that every person in government needs a "budget cut" to their salary! :)

Anyways......this GSD is of the dancing Kokopelli. I didn't cut it out to show you but I got and trace it like the last one.


Friday, June 20, 2008

Im Back!!!!

Sorry I have taken soooo long to blog but I have been so busy. How did men get along without us? lol Anyways I finally finished my Thank You card. I am going to be posting the GSD's one by one. One I didn't even use but it fits this card. If you like the font it's called Matador and you can get it here for free.


I don't think my Robo would cut it so I printed it out on cardstock and colored it with my Sharpies.

I have so much to tell you but Im tired now and I'll have something new to tell you tomorrow. :)

Oh forgot to tell you that the GSD is of the Kokopelli.


Thursday, June 12, 2008


I just want to share with you all my award winning GSD. Here's the news I got.....

Hi all, I thought you might like to know who the winner is for the
April Bird Challenge Contest.

First of all, I'd like to say thank you to all of you who

participated. I enjoyed hosting this challenge. I hope you were able
to take something out of this challenge that will help you to
understand your cutter and software a little more. I'd also like to
say that you all did a wonderful job on your files! To me, you're
all winners, which is why I didn't have to judge all of your files to
begin with. So, thanks so much for your wonderful files and your
dedication to this challenge.

Now, onto the winner. The winner will need to send me their full
name and mailing address. Once I receive this, I'll get your Stein
in the mail ASAP. Congratulations go out to RISALENEE for her
Turkey. It was chosen by the group as the best file and received the
most votes. If you can contact me at and put
APRIL CHALLENGE WINNER in the subject line with the information I
requested, I'll get the stein in the mail to you soon.


April Bird Challenge Hostess

I get a beer stine straight from Germany. How cool is that. Since I am sooooo excited I am going to share the file with you guys earlie.

Have a great few days,


Im Going to Tennese.....

I am leaving really earlie Friday morning and I will not be back until Monday sometime. I hope to have pictures and pictures and more pictures until your sick of seeing me! lol

I hope this file will do you well. It's Summer time and I know a lot of you guys have girls.

Have a great weekend and think of me on Monday or Tuesday when I have to check my Yahoo mail. I will be there all day. lol

Hugs, Lisa


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My First Digital Scrapbook.....

Here it is. I still don't understand some things and my last class is tonight. I hope I get the answer. :)


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Photo Card

Here's something to create over the weekend. I found this pattern from the Dollar Tree dollar store near my house and I thought it was to die for. So I whipped it up in my Robo, for easy cutting, and voila here it is.

I have added other shapes too. All you have to do is place them in the center of the center box.
Now for envelops. I bought these temples called The Kreate-a-Lope envelope maker. I bought mine at Crafts 2000 and they come in 3 colors for sizes. I used the "green" one that's size
4 3/8" x 5 5/8". Here's there website.....


The video make it look a lot easier. Your supposed to rip the paper. I use my Fiska's trimmer.

Then I put a white scrap or paper on the front of the envelope, for the address, and that's it.

Enjoy and Happy Creating!


Friday, June 6, 2008

Look at What I'm Trying......

OK, now I know to some of you this is not a big deal but I have been going to "adult School" to learn PhotoShop and I did something and it looks good!! lol

I don't think most of you know but I am NOT the poster child for school. I hated school. All I liked was my friends and of course the body I used to have. lol And yes Mom.......school was a "fashion show." I did my time. Went on to college and got a BFA in Graphic Design. Though I graduated in 95' there was only 5 computers to share and the course Computer Arts which had PhotoShop. (Probably version -.07) haha This Computer Arts class was an elective and I think I did well. I remember we saved our works to a "black" 3" floopy. AH the times...... So you can see I learned on what I call "table top." I am great with paper and a pencil which I feel today students are not.

So why did I do this photo? Well you know I love to show you fun times in my life and this was one. My Sister and I got money from our Great Grandmother for our Birthdays and my dad made us buy Christmas trees that we NEVER decorated. Which I was 7 and my sister was 10 so you can tell this was not our first choice on how to spend the money. :) But back then you listened to your parents and did what they said. I don't remember if Nanny ever saw the trees but I can tell you I went past this house years ago and they were taller than the house. I went back to the house, about 3 year ago, and they were gone.

Anyways it's really really HOT here and thats why I'm giving you a Summer picture. If you go back to a Feburary bolg I probably will be complaining that it's to cold. haha

The weekend will be hot too and NOBODY has any gas money, so I will be here adding downloads to my blog. Don't you feel like your 17 again scrounging around for money? lol

Talk Later....

Sunday, June 1, 2008

As Promissed.......

A new month, a new MADness.... So I decided to add a little MADness to you day or a little COWness. What ever you prefer. :)

I have named him cow/bull. You don't know if he is a cow or a bull. I have added the website I got him from incase you wish to do the rest of the zoo.


Let me know if you do. I would love to have the farm.