Saturday, August 30, 2008

We are having problems.....


We might be having problems. My files have mostly been traced from FREE clip art. Most of them do not even have a creator so I share them with you. Now on to my problem...


DO NOT share them as yours.
DO NOT mix-up my files and claim that it's yours.
DO NOT add several of my files together and say that you did all the hard work. By this I mean do not add 34 "suns" on your page and say that you created it. Heck don't add my sun, duck, and crayon on one page, maybe as a collage, and say it's yours.
DO NOT erase my name and post it on another site and say it's yours.
DO NOT use my works it in a swap. Even my easy files like the "sun." I am part of many Yahoo Groups swaps and WE ALL work very hard to create our works. I know I have busted my butt to do something neat in a swap. I swap it and when the swap has been shared, I share my creations with you.

I do all the hard work. Putting all those silly little boxes around corners for people to erase my name, alter the works and say it's theirs. Speeking for my friends and I..... do you know how bad our first finger and wrist hurt making these files?

Anyways, if this keeps up I'm going to close down my blog. Yes, the rotten apples might ruin it for all. The sad thing is I LOVE doing this. Just ask my really good friend Joanna, Poor girl she has heard it ALL from me and I have never even met her before. Thank you Joanna. I do love you so.

So just use good judgment and let your morals win.

P.S. You guys know who you are and I have "sneaks" all through Yahoo Groups, and other places, that are keeping an eye out.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summer Love

Have you guys noticed that since Google changed their blog that you can't add tools like you could? I can't add FIDGET. I like to know where you guys come from. I think it's neat. :)

Summer is at it's end and you will all hear me complain about snow again. Ho Hum. Does anyone want to adopt me? Now you have to live where it's warm and I think I can get my hubby to send some of his paycheck every two weeks. lol Oh I have a toy room so I will be bringing ALL my toys. That's not including my craft area. The best part is I share and let me tell you how much paper I own..... heehee Maybe I should take some pictures of my craft and toy area to see if you really want me. :)

Since I LOVE warm weather I though I would send a card to you of love. This is one of the cards I will be trying to sell. I think it's very generic. You could send it just because or you know Sweetest Day is coming soon. I have also saved the "love" part and I will use it on another card.

Well that's about it for today. Have many things to do.


Saturday, August 9, 2008

They have BLACK paper!!

Good news.....JoAnn Fabrics is have a pretty good sale starting tomorrow and yes the black paper will be on sale. All there paper is on sale 6 for 96 cents. I even asked if I could buy a box. heehee I was told if they have a pack of 25 up high, they'll sell it to me. They also have their "stacks" on sale for $9.99 and some of their older ones are $7.99. I won't be able to get there tomorrow, I'm going to an air show and not the fun ones, so they better watch out on Monday. haha

I just wanted to let you know that I can start cutting, not like I have anything to give you yet. :) So hold on and who knows what next week will bring.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Who loves the color yellow? ME!! I have always been nuts for the color. It may have been my mothers doing. Looking at pictures, I was always dressed in yellow. My Mom says it matched my hair. Anyways see the picture of the yellow oven. WOW! It is made by a company called Bertazzoni and The Great Indoors are selling them. Oh did I mention they are about $3500.00. I have No money for that price, but it is cute.

Since you guys are waiting for some files and I still do not have any black paper, I'm still being cheap! I decided to guessed it, things that are yellow! The crayon was just glued on some scrap black paper I had so don't think it's that bad of a cut. It is that bad of a cut with scissors. lol

Have a sunshiny day!




Saturday, August 2, 2008

Another Month

Another month and closer to my Summer being gone. I hate it! I hate snow, I hate to shovel, I hate how my bones hurt from the cold. I have 11 more years and I'm out of here. I have already told my hubby. Though he is not to happy I think I may have gotten him. We watch Cops here on Saturday night and they are usually in Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. I noticed that these bad people's house have rocks as their lawn! Front and back!! So no mowing is looking really good to him. So we buy TONS of weed killer. It sure beats mowing!

So where are the files? Well I have been busy and I am out of black paper for the backgrounds. When JoAnn's put's it on sale, I think I will buy a box. :) I just don't want to pay 2 for $1 when I can get their sale for 6 for $1.

I thought I would show you guys a TIP or TRICK today. The photo above is a plain white card, any size is good. Now find your favorite PAPER doily. I got mine from the dollar store, pack of 25, and make sure they are PAPER so you can just throw them away when your done. Now I taped down the card with BLUE painters tape. That stuff doesn't stick nor pull the paper off. Now place your doily, in any direction, on your card and use BLUE tape to tape that to your desk top too. Now get out your pastels/chalks and those silly brushes. Get that pastel/chalk dust on your brush and in a swirling motion color the "holes" of the doily. My doily was a heart so I used mauve color and I did the inside and outside of the doily so you could see the shape.

I thought one day if I ever sell these cards, they would be cute for Valentine's Day or just Love. If I didn't explain my tips well, just leave me a comment and I'll do what I can.

Let's hope JoAnn's has black paper on sale tomorrow. lol