Sunday, November 3, 2013

The year so far....

My craft shows have been going excellent and I have 3 more shows. I am even going to someones house. She contacted me and she throws a party for her friends and crafters sell their creations. Im a little scared about this one but I am gamed. :)

Since I have been selling most of my stock, I was wondering if you would like to see some of my holiday ones. If you have been to one of my shows and have purchased one of my creations, maybe you'll see yours up here.

Thanks for looking...  Lisa

A ribbon card is always a hit.
A shaker along with a rocker card.

Even a little mouse celebrates.
Rubber stamp from Whipper Stamper designs.

Fizzy Moon, all the way from England, enjoying a holiday.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hello all, My craft show season is coming up, well I have already had a few shows. I am working hard but I would like to show you a neat thing to do with your scraps... Have you ever created a gift card holder with an A2 envelope? Here is a link for you to see what I mean and you can cope and paste her tutorial into a Word document and then print it for your records. As you can see in her tutorial, she cuts the flaps into a triangle. I dont. Just fold your A2 envelope in half. Crease it good! Then open it up and cut the flap with you scissors on the crease. Glue or lick one side shut. Place some scrap white paper over the sealed area. This is for the people to write their names. Now flip over that side and decorate it with your scrap paper, embellishments, stickers or ribbon. For the last thing you NEED to do is on the back sign your name! You want everybody to know YOU created it!! How to create an A2 envelope: Have a wonderful day,

Friday, April 12, 2013


Do you remember when I did the "snail" file last year, April 17th? Well if you go back to that idea I had, I used it again. This is my umbrella, drawn by Nana Vic, and we are to use it in a card. This is mine. Its a little sad at first...because Im missing you. But if you pull the umbrella down, like the snail, you see a happy sun. Sun's should always be drawn with a smile in them! That's how I always did it as a child. :) Im still missing you but now with a smile....Lisa

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Iris Folding

How about something different? Iris Folding..... Now I have tried to show you how to do this but it was years ago. If you look at my old post, October 2009, you''' see a tree. This is very simple and will make beautiful X-mas cards. This time I did a Lady Bug. I traced a lady bug in my Craft Robo and cut it out. I found a triangle as the Iris pattern and that's how I got this..... What do you think? Lisa

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Another Challenge....

Im trying a new challenge from Crafter's Digital Art Center, CDAC. Will I win this time? Maybe, maybe not but I'm going to keep trying and show the world the cards I design! :) This one is called Seasonal Fun. Right up my alley! The problem is I am known for my Christmas cards and we have to create a card of what season you are living in. I live in Michigan and all of you, who live here, know our Spring can change in temperatures from one day to the next! Sunday we were 61 degrees, and Monday we were 39 degrees! So I said forget winter and I did this cute spring, or baby, card. The digi came from Bugaboo and his name is Theodore. I just love the ladybug on there. To me, that's a sign of WARMTH! haha I also added "Spring" like paper and pastel buttons for that added touch. This card is a "just Because" card. This means that there are no saying on the front or inside. It is cute enough for a Spring card, a Baby card or even a Birthday card. I create several of these a year and they DO sell!!! You never know what people want at a craft show. Last year, I saved a lady! She needed a Wedding card for that night...and it was a Christmas Holiday craft show! hahaha Keep you fingers crossed, that I will win a new challenge, for me!! :) Lisa

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I have been every where but here.....

I have been busy creating cards and selling them at craft shows. I did quite well this year. Now I am working on this years cards. I have created Easter and Im now working on Halloween. I would like to show you one of the newest card Im giving a try. Its Sympathy. I have been asked for some during the past years and I though now would be a good time. My card is a Easel card and the stamp is from S.W.A.K. I thought she was sad but yet cute. What do you think? I was not sure if a bright color would be nice, you know to cheer up a person. Or if this type of card should be created with dull colors. You know sad.... Don't forget the homemade envelope. I think that always add's a homemade touch. I have also added Petaloo flowers. I just love them! They come with rhinestones already on them for that sparkle. PLUS....if you get the white ones, color the edges with pastels. I colored some for a wedding card. It added that special touch. I will keep trying to add photos of my creations. Hugs, Lisa