Thursday, June 10, 2010

Same Dog....New Idea

I have a craft table that is a mess. I am trying to create cards with the things left on my desk. I came across this dog and I have maybe 8 more of him. So I decided to play with him and this is what I did.

I glued the dog pieces and flipped him over. Then cut a 1/2" green strip as long as your card. I have these sliders from JoAnn Fabric's that are made of thick card stock that you see I used. Glue it to the dog.

Here the dog is flipped so you can see what he looks like. Make sure he slides before you glue it to your card.

Now I like the liquid glue but I dont think it will hold the green strip. So I do have double sided tape for special occasions. As you can see he is now on the card. This card is 5" high by 6.5" wide. They are pre-made, from Michael's, in a pack with envelops.

This is the final piece. I cut a 1 1/2" piece of different color green paper/strip. Cut slits in it so it looks like grass and bend, not crease, the grass so it looks ruffled. Since he is looking up, add anything you want to the sky. I used a sun rubber stamp and I used my Surka, clear, Stardust Gelly Roll to give the sun a sparkle. Then I rubber stamped, on a spare piece of paper, the bee and I colored it. Then I and attached it with 2 layers of foam tape to give depth.

I am attaching the original file from May 8th, 2009. There is text that says I Love You which you can use or not.

Hope you enjoy it!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Class of........

Do you know some one who is graduating? Do you make cards like I do and sell them? Then your going to need my Class of 2010.

These words are welded together but the 2010 is separated so you can use the text on other years.

In the picture, I cut the text with black paper and I colored it with my silver Sharpie. The "celebrate" part was done with my Cuttle Bug and sanded down so you can see the text.

Have a wonderful 'time Graduates....

Class Of