Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Holiday!

I LOVE holidays!!! The best part is that my Curves is not open on Monday! lol As I sit here eating my Whopper from Burger King. I LOVE Whoppers. Extra mayo and onions with no pickles. YUMMY. :) For those of you that don't know what Curves is, it's a work out place just for women. No men who look at you and your size funny and no men who think that they look good. Even though they're fun to look at. lol :)

Today I am giving you a card. Now before I hear it from you guys, I'm going to tell you I made a boo boo. Look at the card's letters. YES I put the "a" on backwards. hahahahahah By the time I noticed it, the glue was set and I used my gel pens. I fell so silly and now I can't used the card. Maybe I can send it to my Mom. You know they always forgive you. lol So what ever you do, don't mess up like I did. haha

Well this is going to be it for awhile. I don't have anything else created, but I am working on new stuff. So Just hang in there and keep checking back.

Hugs and kisses to all my friends

Friday, May 15, 2009

It's a bird, it's a plane......

NO, it's a bird. lol

Something different, something silly. I think it's his eye that just makes you want to laugh. So I hope some of you have some really cool Florida pictures to add this little guy to.


Monday, May 11, 2009

My Hubby's B-day

Now I know your just dying to see some of these pictures. I must warn you, for some odd reason nobody looks pretty. Is it my camera or do we really look like this? lol I will try to let you know who's who when we go along.

This is my house from the Kitchen. Mostly my In-Laws are in this photo.

I took this photo when I took the cake out of the box. He is no dummy! lol

l A GREAT picture of my Mother-In-Law!

Have you ever seen the sitcom "My Name is Earl?" Well my hubby took a lot of those photo's. This is his good friend Rick, with eyes closed, and my Nephew Brian.

This is me. The best picture my hubby took. lol See my B-day was May 8th, Friday, and my Aunt Cathy got me a little something too.

This is the Birthday Boy. His eye's are closed in this shot too. We must have really blinked that day. :)

and the cake........need I say anymore.

Hope you all enjoyed. Lisa

Friday, May 8, 2009

It's My Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's my birthday so I thought I would share a picture with you.

This picture was taken at Chuckie Cheese on May 8Th 1981. I was nine. To my right is my bestest girl friend Beth. You know the one I have been friends with since 1st grade. The other girl, to the left, is Kristy Thomas-Ruffin. She now lives in California and if it wasn't for Facebook, we would not have met up again.

So as promised, my B-day gift to you, here is one of my latest files.

I have added the link where you can get him. This picture does not do him justice. Just wait until you download it.

As for my convention was wonderful. I was late for one class because I thought it started at 2:30pm but it was really 1:30pm. Ops :) I met 4 wonderful gals and we cropped together. Now mind you I go by myself and just start talking to women. I did take pictures with my camera phone before the even started. They are still on my phone so as soon as I can get them off, I'll add them. Hope they turned out good. Oh did I mention I killed my right hand? I pinched my pinkie in my crop luggage and when I was trying to pull out my Xacto knife...yup you guessed it. Sliced my first finger WIDE open. It still hurts!!! Then when I was trying to pull the stupid folding chair closer to the table and I smashed my middle finger nail. Let me tell you I have one ugly hand!!! lol

Well off to finish lunch. Then I have to un-pack from the crop. Hope you all have a good weekend and have a Happy Mothers Day!!!

Hugs, Lisa
Dog Looking Up

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What to do.........

As you guys know, I like to pull my hair out. Not sure why and let me tell you, it's not pretty. lol

Tomorrow I am going to the Mega Meet here in Michigan. I will be gone all day and I promises you I will add something soon. See I can't add my Mother's Day gift's/card because they look at my site. heehee The next 2 files are not created yet so I have no JPEG to share. :( I was trying to cut my butt off yesterday in files but the machine won. :( I have to take my Xacto blade and CUT the darn files from the paper. Errrrr I told you the machine won.

On Saturday I am having the 40'Th B-day for my hubby. Yes I will take pictures so you can all see my CLEAN house. lol Sunday I will try to do a bunch of things but I have to re-clean the house. I have an idea.....if you come to my party, you must clean one thing before you go. haha I'm sure there are people that would agree with me. You know my folks got invited to a "help us pack" party because the people were moving. I guess no one showed up. lol

Monday I am having my bones scanned. Some of you know I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and this will look into my bones. I have to be at the hospital at 8am. There put some kind of dye in my and I have to come back at 11am for the X-ray. I'm kinda scared but I'm a big girl and I'll just bring my crafts. Tuesday I have to go to the hospital again for my IV drip. This is at 8am. My poor arms are going to be bruised so bad. :(

OK, so I will do my best to post but if I can't I will be right around the corner.

Hugs, Lisa