Thursday, December 14, 2017

Decembers Challenge

Morning all

Today we have the cutest bunny that is all about love. I love you SEW much is a cute saying.

Image is from Gerda Steiner. Why don't you go over to her site and pick up a few digi's?

Monday, December 11, 2017

Advent Day 10 Challenge

Advent day number 10.....

Today we are posting another Gerda challenge. Here is mine.

Instead of coffee, I decided that we all need a Get Well card. Chicken noodle soup always helps. :)

Friday, November 24, 2017

Christmas Bauble

Hey guys,

Just wanted to show you this cute digi I got from Gerda Steiner.

What a cutie this little mouse is. Is he ready for the holidays or on a Christmas bulb chasing cheese? I think he may he might just be having fun on a Saturday.

Anyways, hope you like him and go to Gerda's site to see all the wonderful cards.


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Sweetest Day

Hey Guys...

Lisa here with another cute card by Gerda Steiner,

I've decided to create a card for my Hubby. Sweetest Day is right around the corner and silly me, I always give him treats. Then I get yelled at that I'm making him to fat. Well who told him to eat all the candies in one sitting?!?!  haha

I decided to look up Sweetest Day and this is what I found out....

"National Sweetest Day encourages everyone to be generous even in the smallest ways.  From its inception as Candy Day in 1916, this day reminds us that even small tokens improve the lives of those around us who are suffering or going without.  While the day may have begun with candy and sweets, encouraging us to take home sweets to our sweethearts and friends, it is a day full of lessons in persistence, resilience and doing small things in greatly."

Don't forget a Sweetie in your life! 

Until next time, Lisa

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Sweet Tooth Mouse

Welcome all...

I have another card for you to see. I found the layout on Pinterest. I see I added it to my favorites.

The digi is from Gerda Steiner Designs, she does such a dazzling job!!! You can get yours here...

I know he is called Sweet Tooth Mouse  but you know me, I decided to do something different. I sure hope Gerda likes it.

I thought this mouse looked cute as a Get Well card. I used my yellow glitter glue to make it look like there is chicken noodle soup in the cup. I always use Crayola colored pencils and the paper was from different stacks.

Hope this makes you smile...


Sunday, August 13, 2017

35th Share Your Design Challenge!

Hey all,

You know this time is the time I create for my holiday craft shows.

When I found this ever so cute digi from Gerda Steiner I just had to buy... (

Well Gerda is have another challenge and Im adding this card. I have added two pictures. One is standing up and the other is flat on the table. Which one do you like?!

Thank you for checking out my blog and have a early happy holiday!  haha

Laying on the counter top

Standing up

Thursday, August 10, 2017

"I didn't eat it (yet)! - Birthday Monster

Birthday Card....

I have done something different and Im very proud of it....


Monster cards are always cute but Im tired of the traditional "boy" monster cards. This day in age boys can like dolls and girls can like monsters. Only if..............

They are not monsters under the bed!!!

Monsters under the bed are way to scary, but this monster is cute. She has a cake waiting for you two to share. How can you be afraid of a monster with a bow on her head?

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you at one of my holiday shows. Thanks Gerda Steiner Designs for the digi.


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Happy Days...

Happy Days,

I know I have not been on in months but I do post over on FaceBook as Risalenee Creations. COCme on by and drop me a line. :)

Today I am posting a very cute little mouse from Gerda Steiner,

I know I am not showing this in the photo but this is an Happy Aunts day, July 26th. My favorite Aunt, my Mom's older sister. She has done a lot for me, even since High School.

Dont worry. Its also Happy Uncle Day too and I think I might show you that on my next post.

Let me know what you think..

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring All....

I have been busy creating cards for my two shows in March. My last one is Saturday March 18th.

New for this year and season is Passover cards. I have never created them or sold them so I hope they are a big hit.

Thanks to Whipper Snappers Designs and Pimboli for the images.

Here are some pictures to warm you up.... Snow just doesn't want to let go here in Michigan!  YUCK!

Thanks for visiting, Lisa