Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Final Installment of holiday Town

This is the last of the Holiday Town creation. This time things went so fast as I converted it in to WPC's. What?! Something finally went my way! lol

Again, my Robo is not cutting and my hubby thinks he might have an idea. I am working off of a laptop but he is wondering if he hooks up my old computer with Windows XP, things might work. This way I would only create on my old computer. It's worth a shot! :)

I also bought a Cricut Express but Im not sure Im going to keep it. I have not opened the box so there will be no problems. I dont know if I have buyers remorse or what but I feel I am more advanced than just pressing a button and the thing cuts a shape. There is a software, I can buy for $60, that will make you do all my Robo does but I dont think I can share the files with you. I am still looking into it. :)

Well it's almost time for a new year and I hope you all have a wonderful one!

Hugs, Lisa
Holiday Town 4

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays!!!!

I would like to wish you all a Happy Holiday and as a gift to me, I didn't even bother to try and cut the file! lol

Are you all going to be busy this weekend? I am all 3 days starting tomorrow. I am lucky to goto everybody's house this year so just think of the gas I am going to spend! lol If I didn't have a dog, I think I would have gotten a hotel room. lol

Hope you all enjoy part 3 and are looking forward to the last installment next week.

Again, have a save and happy holiday!!!!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Part 2


Can you tell I am still having problems! We are now on to a NEW, yes NEW, problem. Well really 2. I found out why, in Funtime, that it's only cutting 1/2 way through the paper. Thank you for all your help everyone. Now I can't get Funtime to cut/print at all. All I get is that the software is "not responding." No matter what I try to cut/print. I'm also having a different Robo machine problem. The darn thing won't shut off by the on/off button. I have to unplug everything. HUN?!?! Any ideas from my friends?!?!

I just read through the comments you posted and I have un-installed the Robo and Funtime software at least 6 times and nothing gets better. So I need ideas that do not include un-installing and installing the softwares. Thanks though.

I also noticed that either no one has cut Home Town or there are no problems cutting. If you did cut the first part with no problem, please leave a comment and let me know. I would like to know I am doing something right!!!!!!!!! lol

Here is part 2 of 4. I have 2 more weeks until the end of the month. I'm wondering if I should do one part a week or send them out to you by X-mas. Let me know.

Again, Im sorry and I just don't know what's happening.
Holiday Town 2

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I have had enough!!!

So I tried to cut the file yesterday. When I wanted to cut it in the Robo software it tells me that it is busy and that the printer, cutter, is printing. HUN?!?! So then I tried it in Funtime. It worked but then I had another problem. Even though I had the blade on the deepest setting it cut about 1/2 way through the paper. I was able to cut the black background with my Xacto blade but Im not going to cut every little piece like that. As you can tell I got mad and left it for today.

Now today......the same thing happened!!! WHAT?!?! My Robo software is still saying that a document is still printing, well cutting. Thats a mighty long cut.

I know I have to get this file out and it is the death of me. If I can not fix this dumb machine by the end of the month, I am going to stop doing this. I feel like I am letting you guys down and I am getting fed up. I hope you understand. If you guys are fine with me not cutting the file out, I'll keep going.

So hang in there and I will try too. There are 3 more piceces to this file so come back next week.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Another snag....

OK, still not sure if the darn thing is going to cut yet. My new problem is putting the files into the Funtime software. See I need crisp edges and when I "vector" the image, it make the edges curved. I have asked for Melinda, AKA lovemyzombie, for help/email address. Lets see what I can do from there. If not they might just be Robo files this time. :(

Hang in there......