Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween All!!!!

I hope you all have dressed up in your favorite outfits and are ready to Trick n' Treat. Me, I am in my jammies and I am going as a lazy candy giver! lol How about that one.

I have gotten lots of comments on my pumpkin carving, and story telling, that I have decided to do it again this year. :)

Harold and Montgomery

Harold (top) Montgomery (bottom)

Here we are, just 2 normal pumpkins. Oh wait what are those things sticking out of our heads! Knives? What is she planing on doing to us? Not sure if you can see but while the one is getting knifed, the other one is watching. They tried to talk to each other for comfort. I think I even hear a silly little joke Montgomery said to Harold to easy the pain. "What did one Jack-o-lantern say to the other?" Cut it Out! As you can tell, Harold was not impressed.

After several hours of this going on, I finally finished to what I have been waiting all years for. The bountiful of what Harold and Montgomery gave me......thanks guys!

As you can tell Harold and Montgomery are happy after all and wishing you a Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


As you can tell, I have had enough of this machine. I STILL can not get it to cut. The "cut" symbol, in my Robo software, is not highlighted/colored. When the button is highlighted/colored I can click on it and my machine will cut.

BiBi wrote me, last post, telling me Im missing the "control" file that helped be a bit but it's still not working. Im probably doing it wrong and this is where I need someones help. I un-installed ALL versions of the Robo. Then I re-installed version 1.20 that came with my CC-100-20 machine (blue one) It mentioned nothing about the control file in the manual or how to get this file. What do I do now? I have left it like this waiting for help. Oh I only go up one more version to 2.40. Is this where I get the Control file?

Bibi, or anyone, could you please email me at if you can help.

Since I can not wait any longer for you to get my files, I am sending them along. I hope they all cut but I can not guarantee 100%. I have added a picture that is in JPEG form from Microsoft Print. Hope you can get some idea on how these files look. I can not get the Haunted House file in Funtime (WPC) form either. It did not vectorized it correctly. This means I could not clean it up. If someone else fixes it, please send it along so I can add it to the file.

As you can see, nothing is working over here in Michigan! lol Me or my machine.

Hugs, Lisa

Happy Halloween

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Im here!!!!

I am here! About 3 weeks ago I got very sick from my rheumatoid arthritis. Something happened in my left hip and the bone cracked/popped. After blood work, X-rays and even an MRI, they found no break or fracture. The pain was so bad that I was antsy and could not get comfortable. I had to use crutches to walk around it and my hubby had to take days off so he could dress and bathe me. What would I have done with out him?

I had time to create. All I was doing was sleeping and sitting. Now that I am feeling better, I came to the craft area to cut and then post but wouldn't you know the dumb Robo isn't cutting. In my software there are symbols that you click on and the "cut" icon is grey not colored like I need it to be. My computer handy man, my hubby, told me to try and fix it. I have tried and asked what to do with no luck. So now we must wait. What I am thinking is just giving you all 3 files at one time.

So for now I have nothing to give. :( I am very sorry. Hopefully I can get the darn machine working again......just in time for X-mas. lol