Saturday, July 31, 2010

Last Week!

So I forgot! lol I guess my last file is better last than never and technically it's still July!!! haha

Another year's over another July. Soon I will be complaining about the snow and how I hate it. For now I will just keep wearing oranges and yellows making my little tan look better. :)

Thanks for sharing my July with me. I have another file coming up that has to do with Summer and another file I am working on all by my self. I mean no tracing. Well there's some, but it's all my original idea. I know you will love it!!!!!

Enjoy the rest of your July. All 14.5 hours left of it.

Hugs, Lisa
Santa Frame

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Week 4

Morning all!

Hope your July is treating you well. This Summer is sooooo much better than last. We are warm this year though we are getting more storms than normal. Sever weather is happening almost every week. There has been 3 tornado's very close to my house. I mean 10 minutes away these cities are. Tonight through Saturday we are scheduled to get more bad weather.

This weeks free file is Snowy the Snowflake. He is very cute but DON"T pick my colors of paper. Im not happy with the flake it's self. I should have made him white with the dark blue background like I have. There's nothing I can do now. The glue has stuck! lol

I hope your enjoying Christmas in July. If you have any ideas for December, let me know.

Hugs, Lisa
Snowy Flake

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Week 3

What about an ornament? Adding a couple of snowflakes and don't forget the sediment and you have yourself a card. Not sure if you can tell by the picture but I glued the ornament normally with my liquid glue. Then I put two layers of foam tap under the snowflakes. To top it all off, I added little tiny rhinestones on the snowflakes and of course Merry Christmas which are stickers.

Just to let you know Funtime software only liked one of the three snowflakes. So instead of having three different ones, you only have one. :( If you have some snowflakes, of your own, you may place them in there instead of mine!

Have a good week!
X-mas Ornament

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Santa Stamp

How are we all doing today? It's hotter than heck here and the humidity/dew point is killing us. It has been getting to 90 degrees before noon! I guess it is time to think of Christmas to cool us down. lol

I made this stamp into a card and I use foam tape to raise it up. I also used some "shimmer" paper because the red stamp is kinda bland. Then used scrap green paper, with design, behind the stamp and shimmer. I though it needed so design because the other colors were solid. I plan to use the reindeer for another card...hey why not! :)

So happy week two and I'll see you next week!

Hugs, Lisa
Santa Stamp

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Merry Christmas in July!!!!!!

For my followers you know I get crazy around this time. I love Christmas!! Soon I will be creating my Christmas cards for the 3 shows I have lined up so far. I can start adding them for you to get ideas for your cards. Every file I created this year, I am making a card out of. I hope they sell.

This is week one. Again, same as last year, I thought there was only 4 weeks, typical month, but I found out there were 5. So now I have to make another file when I thought I was done. lol Just my luck!

I found this clip art when a friend asked me to make Christmas lights. I thought this was different. Kinda old fashioned or Thomas Edison looking. Maybe you might have some "old time" paper that you could add.

I used my typical 5"x6.5" pre-made cards. I needed something to look like a cord. I found some ribbon which is black. I can't find the size but it's that small stuff that comes in a spool for about .33 cents on sale. I didn't have a dark green but that might look better. Here in America, the cords are green. I used the small, brass, one to keep the ribbon in place and two it just kinda looks neat. lol

One thing I need to warn you is they cut funny! Two or three would cut good out of five. So be careful and cut several. :)

Merry Christmas in July to all my friends!!!!
Hugs, Lisa
Christmas Lights 2
P.S. Sit back and listen to the music. I went a little "silly" this time! lol