Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Alright I have had enough. Where is this global warming that I keep hearing about? I am more than willing to take in a polar bear....only if he's nice and can handle my cooking. lol For those that don't know exactly where I live, I live near Ann Arbor. Home of University of Michigan. I am also 40 minutes, driving 80 on the highway, west of Detroit.

This is just nuts. Every other day the Weather Chanel is blinking, on my bottom right corner, on my computer. If this keeps up I think I am just going to have to stop shaving my legs. You know for warmth!! Yea, that's right.

Enjoy my pictures you Southern friends and again I beg for your adoption. lol


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I guess I have been MIA

I have been told I am MIA. Im sorry. I guess I really have not been the the mood to do this, or really anything else. I thought as soon as the holidays are over, but I was wrong.

Well, I had this snow title created awhile ago and put a flake where the O is to go. It's either pretty smart or someone has done it before. haha

So enjoy it and I hope you are living in a frozen climate like I am. lol This morning it was -16.

Hugs, Lisa
Snow Title

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Angel Part 2

Guys, I want you all to know that I got the angel pattern from a British magazine called Paper Craft. They give you the pattern for free and this magazine features one make/creating cards. Some people got a little scared saying it was copyrighted. It maybe, but Im not sure. They do give you this pattern for free knowing that people will create the image. So what you need to do is not sell your creation. The card I made was given to my folks. I did not sell it. Just be careful. If your not sure about something either don't make it or alter it in a way that makes it different from the original.

I also want to let you all know that MOST of my creations are clip art from the web. Again I got the file for free and I am sending them on to you for free. That's why I don't charge for the files. Use all files, from every one's blogs/websites, at your own risk if you are going to sell.

One more thing. You will NEVER see Disney, Warner Bro's., Care Bears or anything like that here. They ARE copyrighted files and these business will and can come after you! I have heard that they are finding people selling things on Ebay like this. It doesn't matter what country you live in, it doesn't matter that your the "little guy." They jusy want their money, and they WILL sue your pants off!

Just a reminder for my friends. Becareful and don't do something you know/feel is not right!


Saturday, January 10, 2009


So what do you think? Now I got the pattern, for the Angel, from a British Magazine called Paper Crafts. She is created on a pre-made 6.5" x 5" white card that comes with an envelope. I created the Angel a bit bigger, like wings and head, so they can be glued from the back. Now there is one thing I MUST tell you. In the photo, here and in the magazine, she has feet but the template did not. I think they forgot and I did not realized it until I had it all cut, enough for 16 cards. So I was looking at my punches and I have this balloon punch that was the perfect size. I guess I should have scanned the back of her to show you. It's pretty funny, but it worked!! Her eyes are black brads that I have. They are the really small ones. Sorry I don't know the size.

I took the side of my ink pads to all shapes. No I have those little teardrop sizes but it was still hard to do her hair. I used silver for her dress. I also used a brick red on the paper with the flowers on it and a brown I had for that brown paper. lol
The punch you see, on the brown paper, is a Martha Stewart punch/ embosser. I got it on clearance for like $3.00. You can't pass that up!! As for the text, I have rub-on's. Now I needed a Thank You but she is to sweet that you can use her for any reason. In the GSD file I have included the card to size if you need it and all the paper came from those Die Cuts With A View packs from your local store.

Well it's snowing like mad here, in Michigan 40 miles from Detroit, and the lazy mail people here have not picked her up today. So she is freezing her little tootsies outside. I guess she will fly her wings on Monday.

Hope you like her!
Angel Card

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I have been reading some of the nice comments you all have written me. I would like to say thank you! I also was checking on how many time you guys have been downloading my recent items and it looks like the Haunted House is the winner! There is 188 downloads. WOW who knew. Don't forget, if you don't add the ghost it could be made for a new house. That would look cute on a card saying welcome.

Any who...some people commented that they can't download a file or they don't know how. I did not get these messages until today and I feel bad. If you have a question that needs my attention NOW see on the right hand side my mug shot. Under that you see "view my complete profile." You will be directed to another page. You will see my mug shot again and under there there is the word EMAIL. Click that and you will get my email address. Write me and let me know. Tell me how you feel. Do I need to change something? Do you need help? Even if you just want to vent! haha You never know, I might need your shoulder someday. haha

I know, I know shut up Lisa! I am working on a VERY cute Thank You card for my Mommy and Daddy that I just have to put together and then I will share with you. I'll post it today or over the weekend. You are going to love it!!!

Until then