Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Progressive Freebie Challenge September 1st, 2015

Howdy all,

Just another day and another card.  haha

Today I have for you is a lady from the Flower Child Digi Set #4 from

When I printed her out she legs and leaves had a black/grey hue to them. That got me thinking.... What I designed the whole card in black and white tones. Now I usually save them for sympathy cards but why not?

Not sure what this card can be used for. Maybe just ton say hello to someone or maybe even a sympathy card but this lady is truly special.

For all of you that  "stalk" me, haha, I'll be at South Lyon middle school next weekend. The 26th and 27th of September. Come on by and say HI!

Until next time....Lisa

Monday, September 7, 2015

Anything With a Sediment.......

Post number two......

I thought you might want to see some a holiday card. You know I do several type of holiday cards for the December holiday season.

Today I am going to show you a Christmas, Christ, card. I love creating these. I even bought several new sediment stamps with Christ being the theme. These digi's are from Digital Stamp Boutique, Go check them out!!! They are very cute.

Until then.... Lisa

Happy September!

Hey guys!

September already. Here in Michigan it means that Summer is over. A very sad day for me.

Not to fret!  haha  I'm trying a new challenge today and the theme is to create a card, or something, that you give to a kid. Which leads me to my card. I kinda placed it in my "boy" section just because of the colors. Looking at it now, I say why can't a girl like these colors too? I know I would.  haha

I think this card is called a Center Step but I really don't remember.  haha  Nice bold colors on the paper, which looks like a kid did the drawing on it. Background colors are all of the bold rainbow, which I think looks pretty good.  :)  Then the image is Fizzy Moon and some balloons, which sorry to say I don't know who created them. All colored with colored pencil.

Tell me what you think and until next time......  Lisa