Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Thanksgiving is a week away and I would like to give thanks for all my family and friends. With out you guys, there would be no Risalenee' Creations.

I was asked to do a cornstalk and here it is. Hope you can use it for you Turkey Day pictures.

Enjoy and see you in December. :)



Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ollie and Follie

This is me and the dog, Darby. We are ready for the tricker treaters.

This is Ollie and Follie. 2 happy pumpkins acting like there is nothing wrong......or is there?

This is Ollie. I think I hear him saying "Oh No" just like Mr. Bill.

As you can see, they did have a happy ending and they are all smiles.

I wanted to get this out on the first of November but I have not been feeling good. Sorry. Here are some pictures of my house and my costume. Well I am always in my Jammies. lol I guess I'll call myself Hugh Hefner of Ypsilanti. haha

While your add it, don't forget to download the pumpkin. Maybe you will have some good pictures of your scary ones and this will fit in.