Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hello all, My craft show season is coming up, well I have already had a few shows. I am working hard but I would like to show you a neat thing to do with your scraps... Have you ever created a gift card holder with an A2 envelope? Here is a link for you to see what I mean and you can cope and paste her tutorial into a Word document and then print it for your records. As you can see in her tutorial, she cuts the flaps into a triangle. I dont. Just fold your A2 envelope in half. Crease it good! Then open it up and cut the flap with you scissors on the crease. Glue or lick one side shut. Place some scrap white paper over the sealed area. This is for the people to write their names. Now flip over that side and decorate it with your scrap paper, embellishments, stickers or ribbon. For the last thing you NEED to do is on the back sign your name! You want everybody to know YOU created it!! How to create an A2 envelope: Have a wonderful day,