Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Happy Birthday.....

Morning All... Here we go again! Another challenge. I am having so much fun creating these cards. Plus its getting my butt into gear. haha This what I call a "woman" card. This can be for girls but I have a whole different set for them.


Until the next Challenge!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015



Where would we be with out our little Angles?

What a happy day for the parents and the God parents. I remember when my Nephew was Baptized and now he's almost 26!  haha

These cards are specially cut so I can take ribbon and kinda sew it around the circle. I was able to find the words in a rubber stamp.... at a garage sale! What a lucky find!!!

If I am correct, boy version is gone but I still have the girl. I'm also creating more but different. Hope you enjoy them too.

Space.... The Final Frontier

Space....The final frontier.

Well at least space makes great "boy" cards, which are SO hard to create. Hope Spock would be proud!

This is a Birthday card where you pull the spaceship out, kinda like a tag. Open the card up and there's the space monsters.... You can't have a space card without them!!!!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Oldie but Goodie

An Oldie but Goodie.

Here's another challenge I am trying.

This one you have to color, with any medium, yourself. No problem there! Lisa loves to color. haha

Tell me what you think. Im not sure if this sold but if it didnt, come by my booths this holiday season.

Until the next challenge.....

Morning all,

Im getting ready for the first show of the year, Lutheran High School in Westland, this Saturday!


I have also been trying some challenges. This means I turn in my cards, a JPEG file, along with other card creators to see who wins. I see I did last weeks "Anything Goes" challenge.

Now I am trying my hands at another one. This challenge has to have several folds and the wording on the front. That part is easy for me. I always place my wording on the front.  haha  For all of my "stalkers," the card will be up for purchase on Saturday. If no one grabs it, it will be at the Plymouth/Canton show on March 21st.

Hope you like it.....