Thursday, February 19, 2009

Green Frame

Silly story......this piece was to be a frame. It was not until I was gluing it together that I noticed that there is no whole for the picture. heehee I did not want to cut it again so I just put it together and decided to explain it. I knew you would understand because I have done more boo boo's than you guys can count.

Anywho, I did fix the problem in the files. You may omit the inner circle if you like the way I did it. You know, it really didn't turn out half bad. :)

Green Frame


~Mary said...

This is beautiful!

Mima said...

Lets not be so modest, its lovely with or without the hole. Nothing that cutting the picture to fit, wouldn't work, lol. Your getting better with each file you produce. You go girl!
Hugs, Mima~

Lisa said...

lol....."It's lovely with or without the hole." That is just to funny, dirty, but funny.

Joanna said... two are funny!

VERY nice file, Lisa. Thank you for sharing it.

kswjeff said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the files you share!!

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely file and with the inner circle would be a lovely journaling block!