Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sweetest Day...

Did you get something from your Sweetie?!?! I did. Flowers and many, many little Milky Way bars which are my favorite. I made this card and I bought him 2 of his favorite candy bars too.

I am seeing that many of you can not find my files. Go by the name of the file and it is ALWAYS under my name. This file is called "Love my Sweetie." Click on those words and it should take you to a website called 4Share. Click to download and you have to wait 20 seconds or so....sorry, Im cheap and this version is free! :)

Oh I must let you know that this file fits a 6.5"x5" card.

Hope you can use this file for Valentine's Day, Anniversary, or just because.

Love My Sweetie


frogquilter said...

Not cheap--practical! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work! 20 seconds is nothing in the space of life!

Melinda said...

Very nice - thanks!

Trisha said...

Being from the South, where we call everybody Sweetie or Honey, this is the perfect little sentiment for lots of things. Thanks, Lisa!

Joanna said...

You got something on sweetest day? I betcha my hubbie didn't even know it was sweetest day...sigh. BUT, HAPPY you and your guy celebrated :)