Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We have all been busy this holiday season and I am no exception.

My card sales didn't do to well this year and I'm not happy with it. Several of us were wondering if it was the economy? Maybe! I got the same old response as every year....."Oh there very cute!" Sometimes you just want to jump the table and shake them and ask them why they wont buy one.  haha  Though you know you can't, you still wish!

Here's a few little dudad's for you. They sold nicely on the gift card holders but not on the cards. One only knows what people are looking for and what will make them buy. Oh there are two different ones to download, so make you you get both!

So please us these as much as you like. Maybe you might have better luck than I did!  haha

Happy Holidays,

Celebration Tag
Xmas Tag


Jun Bug House said...

Thank you for the Celebrate card/tag.
Very nice.
Love it.
It can be cut in different colors and be used for so many things.
Merry CHRISTmas dear,

jordiegirl said...

Oh they are lovely - hope they are okay for my Wishblade using 4.1 software - will have a go at downloading.

Some of my cards didn't go as well this year either - I try to do some different ones each year but it is difficult to know what people want - the ones I thought would be popular weren't!!!!! Need a crystal ball I think.

Susan said...

Seems like crafts in general are suffering. People seem to think they can "make it themselves" cheaper, but materials cost so much now. How do you sell your cards, individually or in packets, and where do you sell them, online or at craft shows?

Love the tag files. Thank you!

jordiegirl said...

Have just downloaded them - thanks so much for those.

Trisha said...

They are cute, Lisa! Thank you! I'm sorry your sales are not what you had hoped. I wish you the happiest, joyfullest Christmas yet!

G-ma said...

I know...I don't sell any of my homemade items...they state that they're cute, etc but don't buy anything. My feeling is why take the time to make and sell and no one buys. My creations r for family and friends. Speaking of...I better get on to my granddaughters gifts...

Lisa Mala6 said...

Thanks Lisa~
My little one wanted something easy to add to her cards.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

jill said...


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