Monday, February 13, 2012

Today is the day before Valentines Day. So what do you think you will get? You know they are saying on average men spend $180 dollars on their gal but I can tell you I personally have never dated or married that man!!!

This is the card I made for my man. Now its not the finished card because it would just be my luck he would finally look at my blog!  haha  I used Puffy Paint on the rose. It's much cheaper that glitter glue and works just as well.

So enjoy this Heart Corner and use it on your love or wedding cards.  :)

Heart Corner


Luc said...

Hey, i like your Blog. Creative Stoff Males me happy... You've got a New follower, i Hope you'll Take a Look at my Blog too ;)

Keep goin!


Linda M. said...

Thank you for your cutting files. I've enjoyed them and I have been a follower for over a year.

Lisa Lara said...

Very cool card. Love it. Glad you joined the Behind the Alley blog hop.

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Anonymous said...

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