Sunday, September 9, 2012

Stair Step Card

Today I am going to show you my Stair Step Card. I know, I know we have all done them before but I do mine a little different. Plus I'm going to giver you a few "tips" I like to do that are cheap!

First we're going to show you a photo of the final design. Yes there's Snowy there from Penny Black. You just have to love her stuff!

The supplies for this card:

One 5.5"x10.5" piece of card stock, white
One 4.5"x5.5" piece of colored paper, Lt. Blue
One 3"x5.5" piece of colored paper, Dk. Blue
Punches, by Fiskars
Die Cuts from Memory Box (
Colored rubber stamp cut outs of your choice
A7 Envelope
Bone Fold
Foam Tape
Rub Ons

You want to take you 5.5'x10.5" piece of card stock and score the lines, with your Scor-Pal, at 2.5", 4.25", and 6"

Then align the left edge of the card stock at 3" and score at 4.25". When you have done that, place your 6" score line on the 2" mark and score again at 4.25".

With your bone fold, you are going to want to crease the edges when you fold your paper the Mountain and Valley folds.

There's your Stair Step Card, but now to decorate it.

I like to put a piece of scenery on mine. For this you want to use your 4.5"x5.5" piece of paper. Glue that down to the furthest fold.

Next I used my Fiskars border punch, Jenni Bowlin Main Street, on my 3"x5.5 and glued that to the bottom of my 4.5"x5.5 piece of paper. I wanted it to look like a town in the background with plenty sky.

I also came across this die cut at my store called Wrought Iron Fence from Memory Box which comes in handy when you create holiday cards as much as I do. As you can see I had to cut out two of them and one was flipped so you get the end rods on the ends. Place these on the front most fold as shown.

Now time fort the rubber stamped image. Snowy from Penny Black is always a good choice. We want to color him with our Crayola colored pencils, or markers. If you use colored pencils, don't forget to use a scrap piece of paper towel to rub the colored part. This make it look smooth. Place Snowy on the middle fold, either side will do.

I noticed that the other side was missing something so I look into my folder of colored images and I found these trees that I had already done. I had colored them and I placed Tulip's white, on bottom, and glitter, on top of that, t'shirt paint. Its much cheaper than Stickle's Glitter. I glued one tree on normal, on middle step, and the other one I placed some foam tape on the bottom. This made it stick out from the other tree.

All that's left to do was to place on a punch I found of the moon and some sayings at the bottom, below the fence. Mine was a rub-on I found in silver. Here's another hint...If your rub-on is old, place the rub-on where you want it. Hold one end while you breath on the other end. This get's the sticky glue warm and it really does stick better! After you rub that side, breath on the other side and rub as usual.

That's it! Now if you push the steps together, you get a scene!


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