Friday, May 22, 2015

Add your FAVORITE color.....

My favorite color?!?!

Well if you knew me, Its yellow. Not just any yellow, sunshine yellow!

This color fascination happened at birth.  haha Well no one really knows but I can remember back to my 3rd birthday. I was always the "yellow" piece in a game. One time I even hit my sibling when she grabbed it trying to be smart.  haah

I have had two yellow cars. I drink my favorite color, Mt. Dew. I try to only buy yellow flowers in the summer. I even pee yellow, but the best thing is I was born yellow!!!  YUP! I had Jaundice.  hahaha  Not to many people can say they were born their favorite color.

Im supposed to show you a card my favorite color.....Boy there are so many!

I choose a Bugaboo Digi, they do such cute digi's. This pregnant family works wonderful for Baby Shower too.

Be safe this holiday weekend!  Lisa

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