Sunday, April 27, 2008

Card 1

As I have asked, in my last post, what do you think? This is a pre-made 4x6 card, plus envelope, that you buy from the stores. I added black card stock to cover the white then I found this floral oriental print. Glued that on top on the card stock. Then I made, origami, a butterfly in rose colored paper.

So what do you think and if you like it, or lets say you were at the craft fair, what would you pay for it? I do have a price in mind but I would like to see what you think. Remember I have never done this before, I mean selling, and I need all the help I can get.

Thank you for your time
Hugs, Lisa


amaraob1 said...

I really like your card...I do like to make cards, but don't always have the time... so sometimes I do buy cards at fairs and such...though I normally won't pay more than about $4 for one.

There is a local gal around here that has tons of sizzix stuff and will custom make cards for you at $4 each - which seems like a good deal for a personalized card (theme and receiver and such).

I also suddenly thought that while that origami card looks great on black - if you are not a crafter you might not have a pen that would write on black so you might focus on lighter colored backgrounds - at least inside where you write?

Hope this helps - can't wait to read more comments and see what you decide!

-Amara in WA

Lisa said...

Thanks Amara for your comments. The cards are all white and I glued black card stock on the front. So the answer is yes. The cards are white inside and you can write in any color pen. TKS again! :)


Joanna said...

I like the card, but I am not much of an origami fan. Now, if you had that same card with a die cut butterfly, I may consider it :) As far as themes, I seem to buy birthday cards the most and thank you cards come in as a close second.

Jun Bug House said...

Hi there.........
I love the origami and love the card.
I would do the "butterfly" in a different paper.
The red doesn't flow with the beautiful floral paper and I do love the black splash behind.
What if you did the folded paper in something more oriental?