Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Zoo Part 2

Hey that rhymes!! Zoo Part 2 lol

Ok, so I am in a good mood today. I got some sleep, the dog only barked once last night. You know I am in trouble when we can open the windows. lol

Like I said, I'm in a good mood. I went to Curves and did my work out. It was a packed house today so the time flew. When I was driving home, I live near a 4 way stop. So I waved, side by side, the next truck to go. Hey why not. I'm in a good mood. As he drove passed me he was smiling and waving at me. His hand was up and he was just moving his fingers as he waved. 1) EEeeWWWww. I'm 35 and way over that plus I'm married! 2) He was gross! He was already dirty and it was 9am. You know I am 35 and these kinds of offers don't come around. Maybe I should be flattered. Maybe I should be thinking...hey I still got it. Naw. He was really gross. lol :)

On to the file. As you can see I used text. I get all my fonts for free on the internet. In the file I did give you the site where you can get the font if you don't have it. If that link doesn't work and you can't find it for free, let me know.

So you all have a happy day and I hope you get hit on too today. Even if he is gross. :)

Hugs, Lisa

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Darla said...

Hey Lisa! I would love to have this file... my friend is having a baby and doing her baby's room in zoo theme. I tried to download it but it said the link wasn't valid.


very cute though!!! :)