Saturday, August 2, 2008

Another Month

Another month and closer to my Summer being gone. I hate it! I hate snow, I hate to shovel, I hate how my bones hurt from the cold. I have 11 more years and I'm out of here. I have already told my hubby. Though he is not to happy I think I may have gotten him. We watch Cops here on Saturday night and they are usually in Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. I noticed that these bad people's house have rocks as their lawn! Front and back!! So no mowing is looking really good to him. So we buy TONS of weed killer. It sure beats mowing!

So where are the files? Well I have been busy and I am out of black paper for the backgrounds. When JoAnn's put's it on sale, I think I will buy a box. :) I just don't want to pay 2 for $1 when I can get their sale for 6 for $1.

I thought I would show you guys a TIP or TRICK today. The photo above is a plain white card, any size is good. Now find your favorite PAPER doily. I got mine from the dollar store, pack of 25, and make sure they are PAPER so you can just throw them away when your done. Now I taped down the card with BLUE painters tape. That stuff doesn't stick nor pull the paper off. Now place your doily, in any direction, on your card and use BLUE tape to tape that to your desk top too. Now get out your pastels/chalks and those silly brushes. Get that pastel/chalk dust on your brush and in a swirling motion color the "holes" of the doily. My doily was a heart so I used mauve color and I did the inside and outside of the doily so you could see the shape.

I thought one day if I ever sell these cards, they would be cute for Valentine's Day or just Love. If I didn't explain my tips well, just leave me a comment and I'll do what I can.

Let's hope JoAnn's has black paper on sale tomorrow. lol


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Joanna said...

That is pretty, Lisa. And a good tip.