Monday, October 6, 2008

Not So Good.

Thanks to all of you that sent encouraging notes but it was a bomb! boohoo. I really don't think it was me. There was what I call "veterans" and they said they would never come back. The show stunk that bad. In 2 days I made $24 and my table was $45. I'm lucky I have a hubby that says don't worry and I LOVE him very much. Though he yells back and the dog doesn't. haha Friday was "senior" day. Everybody over the age of 55 got free flu shots and lunch. Oh did I mention the free goodie bad too? All they did was look and wondered what was free. I was selling my cards for $1-$3 and was told $3 was to expensive. All I can say is Oh Well and pray that the depression pills keep working. lol I think I am going to keep going. The "veterans" gave me some good ideas. I might be to late for the Christmas crafts shows but summer will be here faster than we think.

So you all are like shut-up and give me my GDS. That kinda sounds like a STD doesn't it. haha

I think today, since I'm giving you an STD, I will go with Witches Bottles. So don't open them up! You never know what I placed in them!!!

Hugs, Lisa


kswjeff said...

Sorry about the card sales. Don't give up!!

Jun Bug House said...

Hi Honey.......
These shows are hit and miss at best, and with the way the economy is right now, wow.
But you know what, it is a learning experience, and like you said, you learned.
Hang in there, we love your work, but most of all, we love you, your attitude, and you smile.
Keep those going and you are a winner.

Joanna said...

Thanks for sharing, Lisa. Hugs and smiles...

Mima said...

Sorry you didn't make good with your sales, but its like everything in life. You'll always find one or two obstacles that you have to surpass to get what you want. Hang in there, you do lovely work and I am sure that its all due to our financial recession. You have a strong soul and you will succeed next time around, you got some good advice that will come in handy, I'm sure. Keep on, keeping on! Mima~

Mary said...

Hey! Your files are getting cuter and cuter! Been catching up reading on my favorite blogs that I haven't gotten to see in a while. Sorry to hear you've had issues with file stealers. Now you know why I used to get so MAD! Some people are just trash, pure and simple. I hate that. You, however, are one of the good guys and it's nice to see your blog and your files growing ;-) I don't cut anymore but I sometimes check around to see what's new. Old habits die hard I suppose. Hang in there - the good people make it worth it.
Love always,

Anonymous said...

Remember who your audience was maybe your next show should be with a younger crowd. Just food for thought. Don't give up.
take care.

Anonymous said...

My Mom had the same experiences on these types of shows. I didn't see what you were selling, but if it was as good as your files, then I think $3 wasn't enough....remember, older people have different ideas of the cost of things. My Grandma (God rest her soul) wouldn't let me take her to a Movie because it cost too much...I think it might have been about $1.50 at that time. Mary in Hong Kong

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across your blog and I wanted to share with you my experience. I sell cards at a farmers market here every wednesday for the whole summer. I sell mine for $3.00 or 5/$12.00. I have done it for two years now and the most I have ever sold in a day is 25 cards... the least being 3 cards. I never had any complaints about the price. Just thought I would let you know your not the only one who struggles selling cards. :)