Friday, October 3, 2008

Wish Me Luck!!!!


Keep your fingers crossed for me. Today, and tomorrow, are my first days selling my cards. I'm really scared and my belly is doing flops. My Mom will be with me, that's cool. We'll have fun. We always laugh till we pee and someone has to be at the table at all times. So in another way...I'm really glad she going. lol

Hope you are all "Booing" your neighbors. You know...the one's you like. haha If not, I tried to find the cutest ghost for you and maybe one of you little goblins might be a ghost this year. I would love to see all your little goblins pictures. They are always so cute. I should add some of mine. They are to funny. That was back in the day where you made your own costume. Now that's SCARY!!!! I don't know if you noticed but I change my "profile" picture. That's me in 1974. I was1 and a half.

Ok guys. I'm off to sell cards. Please keep everything crossed for me!! haha



Mima said...

Good luck Hun~ I will be looking forward to hearing how things went. I am glad that your having the best company, you could possibly have (Mom). Have fun and I know that you will do well with your cards. Take care and good luck again.

Joanna said...

Good luck, Lisa. Which craft show are you in?

Loyal KD said...

You'll do great! No need to worry! But best of my luck anway =]