Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This is it!

Finally! 2008 is over. There has been good and bad this year. Bad being that my father is retired from Ford and my Father-In-Law is retired from GM. If they go under, so does their pensions. I hope 2008 brought good for you but will bring better for 2009.

I decided to give you another candle. I know, I know you have one but this one is silly, maybe abstract. It doesn't have to be Christmas, but yet it can. If I made these and placed them on a card, I would add glitter to "spark" up the candle or the flame. Maybe both. Anyways I thought it was different looking.

I know this is a horrible joke, but see you next year! haha

Happy New Year,

Christmas Candle


Joanna said...

Thanks, Lisa!

DebbiB said...

Thanks for the candle - I like it!

Mima said...

Hi Lisa, I won't be able to lite this candle, but I will lite one for you and your love ones to have a better year. You have a strong spirit, and it thens to rub off on others. I pray that everything works out. GB, Mima~

Tammey said...

Hey Lisa, you just left a post on my blog addressed to Mary LOL I'm Tammey ;) If you meant me, I'm sorry you can't find the files. What files were you looking for? Right now there is a hidden Valentines with envie on my blog. If you're having trouble finding it, click on the hat! :)