Thursday, January 8, 2009


I have been reading some of the nice comments you all have written me. I would like to say thank you! I also was checking on how many time you guys have been downloading my recent items and it looks like the Haunted House is the winner! There is 188 downloads. WOW who knew. Don't forget, if you don't add the ghost it could be made for a new house. That would look cute on a card saying welcome.

Any who...some people commented that they can't download a file or they don't know how. I did not get these messages until today and I feel bad. If you have a question that needs my attention NOW see on the right hand side my mug shot. Under that you see "view my complete profile." You will be directed to another page. You will see my mug shot again and under there there is the word EMAIL. Click that and you will get my email address. Write me and let me know. Tell me how you feel. Do I need to change something? Do you need help? Even if you just want to vent! haha You never know, I might need your shoulder someday. haha

I know, I know shut up Lisa! I am working on a VERY cute Thank You card for my Mommy and Daddy that I just have to put together and then I will share with you. I'll post it today or over the weekend. You are going to love it!!!

Until then

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