Saturday, March 21, 2009

How about a little bear?

I said bear not beer! haha

I liked how this bear came out but not the colors I choose. Maybe if I made his belly a tan shade and maybe the center of the flower a different color. Even though it supposed to be a sunflower. I don't know. You can choose. I don't like you guys to alter but picking different colors is a must. No all of you like what I pick. Heck I don't even like what I pick! lol We all have that one color we have TONS of but never seem to use. I have this ICKY shade of blue that comes in every darn pack that I buy from Michael's or JoAnn's. Come on girls you know the color I am speaking of.

Speaking off the topic.....what ever happened to Prince? Purple Rain is on XM Radio right now. I mean Prince, or Symbol, did go a little nuts. Though he will NEVER be a crazy as Michael Jackson. I'm so pissed he became a nut, that I want my $10 bucks back from buying the Thriller album. And yes girls I mean I have the "record." lol Back to Prince, or Symbol, he was a Dirty Birdy! If my Mother ever learned the words to his songs........ I told my neighbor, who is 11 years older that me, that Little Red Corvette was not about a car. hahahaha Classic moment!

Well you have a wonderful day, week, month until we meet again!


Mima said...

Hola Lisa,
Your cute bear is fine just the way you created him. Its your creation and like most artist always finds reason for trial and error, but that's why your the artist. Great just the way it is. I like it, anyway. TFS, Mima~

Anne said...

Cute bear Lisa thanks for sharing

Julie - dolphincrazy1 said...
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Julie - dolphincrazy1 said...
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Julie - dolphincrazy1 said...

Thanks Lisa I love the bear you have put up for us. x

Joanna said...

Such a cutie pie bear. TFS!

Mima said...

I left you an award that I wanted to share with you (Spreader of Love)on my blog. If there is anyone that I wanted to give this to is you. You have been nothing but kind, sweet and most of all very helpful.
Hugs, Mima~

Mary Merrifield said...

The bear is adorable. Thank you.