Friday, March 6, 2009

What a CRAZY city Detroit is......

Fro you people that don't live here, with in the Detroit Metro Area, your lucky. There is a center, Cobo, or showplace that is in MAJOR need of repair. It's small and falling apart, just like all of Detroit. This is one of Detroit's "jewels." It has the Auto Show and I actually had my college graduation there. So nobody wants to see missing ceiling tiles or bucks on the floor catching rain water. So the surrounding counties want to give money to Detroit, but want to get a percentage of the profits. This idea has been going on for 5 years. But, and yes there is a but, you have to live with in city limits to work in the city or at least City Council has to approve it. At the last minute, City Council vetoed any work on the Cobo Center. They even went as far as vetoing ANYTHING that has to do with Cobo Center. They said they will take the suburbs money but will not give them back anything in return. They will not even call it a loan. Just give us the money and walk away.

Two days ago, the Mayor Vetoed the City Counsil and we are not sure he can do this. So last night, illegal by Detroit's by-laws, City Counsil vetoed the Mayor in a meeting. A meeting that went crazy. The Council members that were there were yelling about how unfair this deal is. After that one member broke out in song. OMG What is wrong with these people? Why did they act so immature? Why do they hate the subburbs as bad as they do? This is just another reason out of towners think Detroit's a joke and I agree.

Here is the website with a little of the story and if you look to the right there is video that you can click on and hear these babys sing.....

Another irritating day!

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