Friday, April 17, 2009

Baby Card

This one goes out to my friend, Julie, in England. She is really pregnant! With me living in the states, there is really nothing I can do for her but pray!

I came up with this idea of putting baby items in the letters. They are VERY small but they do cut. I can tell you this because I have a very dull blade. It is the blade that came with my Robo 4 years ago. lol What ever you do, remember to keep the circle in the letter "B." I used a pacifier for the baby item. Make sure you save the baby item cut outs too. You can use them in a shaker box or to decorate the surrounding area.

Sorry these pictures didn't turn out as good as I hoped. Maybe I should have put black paper behind them. Who knows!!! :)

Hope you enjoy!
Baby Card


Mary Merrifield said...

Thank you for the cute files.

Joanna said...

Cute cards, Lisa!

Julie - dolphincrazy1 said...

Ah Lisa thanks so much you really touched my heart bless you. I am 31 weeks + 4 days now.
Your "Auntie Lisa from over the pond" thats how baby is going to know you by.
Thanks once again Lisa your a true friend. x

Kelly said...

super cute as always!...Kelly

Mima said...

Hola Lisa,
Awesome card, simply awesome. TFS, Mima

Mima said...

Hola Lisa,
I have given you the Kreatv blogger award. Please stop by a pick it up, Hugs, Mima

Janet said...

So cute Lisa! Thanx for sharing with us. So many babies being born around here lately. And my own grandson is coming soon too! =)