Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter All!

I fell that it is politically correct to wish you a Happy Easter because I wish everyone of you get a BIG chocolate bunny! I wont. My hubby never buys me anything like that. Not saying that I need it, I just would like one.

As for the file....well I was cutting like a mad woman this morning. For some odd reason I'm hating to cut. No idea why. Like I was saying, I have 4 projects I was cutting for and I see I missed part of the bunny's head or ear. As I stare at it more and more, It kinda looks good like that! lol So a boo boo that worked out. :) Do what you want about the piece and as usual please use any color you want.

Again, I hope you all have a Happy Chocolate Bunny Day!
Hugs, Lisa
Easter Bunny & Egg


DebbiB said...

Habe a blessed Easter, Lisa! Thanks for the file - this chocolate bunny won't go straight to my butt! LOL

Mima said...

Cute, Cute, its so cute. Great file! Like always you save the best for last. Have happy and Blessed Easter. GB, Mima

Joanna said...

mmmmm...chocolate! lol

Like your cute little bunny wunny!

Mary Merrifield said...

I'll have to send out a late Easter card now. Great share. Thanks.