Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy January!

Winter is in full swing so I thought you would like something cold.

This is a frame that I made into the card. I see that I need more color because the frame and card is white. So I decided to take my blue ink pad and go around all the edges of the card. To save money, I did not include plastic or acetate to the frame. I'm sure if you were only going to do one of these it might be nice to save the photo. So you should be able to use a standard 4"x6" photo but don't quote me. You might need to trim it. I also added 2 layers of foam tape to "raise" up the piece. Make sure you don't put the tape on the top. haha I had to tell my self several times not to do that! :)

Sorry to my Funtime friends. I tried.....I really did but I can not get it to work. It just would not vector right and it was just a pain. If some one can do it for me, please send it along. Again, I will give you full credit.

You all have a wonderful day and lets see what I can scurry up for February.

Snow Frame


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the frame. It will really work here with the snowfalling.
I also wanted to thank you for sharing all your creations with us.
I used the Valentine silouette of the kissing kids for my daughters friend. He will get a kick out of it I am sure.
Thanks so much!!

Lisa Malachinski

jill said...


Mima said...

Hola Lisa,
Hoping that you've been able to keep warm, very those single digit tempertures in your neck of the woods, LOL. Thanks for the great file. My blessings to you, Mike and Darby. Hugs, Mima

Mima said...

Hola Lisa,
I am back, LOL Hoping that your doing fine and that your cutting and creation. I have left a little something on my blog for you, please stop by and pick it up. TFS, Mima

Mima said...

Hola Lisa,
Once again, I am stopping by because I left you something on my blog. I also want to thank you, because you help me make my blog possible. TFS, Mima

Anonymous said...

Very cute card!!! I LOVE shaker cards!!!!!