Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Here are some flowers for the cards I was making. The GSD is only of the stem but just think of what you could add to it....

Well I have kinda come to a snag. I put in my application for a craft show. I was told that there were others with the same selling item and I needed to look at other booths to get an idea on how this works. 1.) I have never done this thing before 2.) I want you to look at my cards, not my booth 3.) I think she was being "nice" by saying there will be other cards there. So to me this means my cards are not the best. ( I am an artist and I always think negative of my own works)

I now have two choices. 1) I can just quit. Swallow my pride and move on 2) Keep making cards, check out other people's booths and try again. I'm just not sure what I should do.

Thanks for letting me vent/cry. I will just keep making Robo files for you to enjoy right now. :)

Hugs, Lisa

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Joanna said...

Oh, are being way to hard on yourself! I like your cards. She probably was just saying that there would be too many card vendors. Don't take it personally and get your application done in advance next time. :)