Monday, May 19, 2008

Need Help.......

I found out my neighbor, Merrill Guerra, is selling cloths for our not so small girls. This is her in her shop.

I too was "not average." I was teased really bad. In first grade I was taller than everybody else. By second grade I was wearing deodorant and smelled like flowers while no one else did. My chest started to grow and this did not help with the teasing. Third grade I was wearing 2 undershirts to hide my growing chest. Fourth grade was swell! This is when we were learning about "health." You know the food pyramid etc. Our lovely teacher brought in his scale from home. I refused to get on, knowing I was "bigger." He told me that if I didn't get on, he would call my parents and I would be punished. So, being 8 or 9, you listen. I got on the scale. I was over 120 pounds while all my friends were between 70 and 90 lbs. I was wearing a womens 9/10. But that's nothing to what would happen next. The summer before 5th grade, I was 9, I started. Not knowing what was happening to me, my Mom was waiting until the 5th grade talk, I cried all Summer. Summer I was fine but then I had it at school and the stories get worse. :(

As you can see, by my picture, I was and still am a "bigger" gal. This is a picture of me on my 8th birthday.
As you can see I'm not the "normal" size. Today is no different. If you so by the silly chart the doctors give you, I'm huge! I am about 5'6". So by the "charts" I should be 130lbs. I just got checked, for body fat, at Curves. They say I am 41% fat. FAT? Have they considered my DD? lol Have they considered my calf's that are HUGE but all mussel? lol

So if you have a daughter with Chuckle Cheeks, I was called that, please check out her site. If you live in the area, Ypsilanti, please visit her store. This is a store I wish I had years ago.

Merrill was also in the Detroit Free Press. Here is the link....

Thanks guys for listening to my story and checking Merrill's site out!


Joanna said...

I know about teasing too, Lisa. My middle sister and I went through some of the same things you went through. :( Kids can be VERY oldest dd even gets teased about her fat mom now!

cpeep said...

It's just as bad being on the opposite end of the spectrum. I had nothing, I mean NOTHING happening in Junior High when it seemed like every other girl was a WOMAN. I wore my brother's hand-me-downs because girls' sizes were too short and juniors' had hips and bust and a tiny waist.