Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mega Meet

Is anybody going to the Mega meet in Michigan this weekend, may 8-10th?
Here is the website.....

I will be going there on Thursday, May 8th. This is my Birthday and I am treating myself to some fun. I will be there all. I have 3 classes and I am doing the crop at night. Since nobody around me scraps I am doing this by myself. So if there are any scrappin' friends out there that will be there, especially at the crop, I would love to meet/join you.

Let me know here so I can find you. I am going to wear my Tweety shirt. He is working out with a head band and leg warmers, so you can't miss me.

Hope to see you there...


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Joanna said...

I would have loved to come and meet you, Lisa, but since it is Mother's day weekend, I will be travelling from Michigan to Indianapolis, where my mother lives. Ugh! I hate the drive, but it IS only 4 1/2 hours and could be alot worse. Hope you have a wonderful time! :)