Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Week 3

Boy I guess I should have do something with snow. lol It is steamy here and it's only going to get worse tomorrow and the next few days.

I chose this candle because I thought it was cute. I know that this is Christmas in July but this candle is so versatile..... You can use it for Hanukkah or if you alter it a bit and take off the snow, I thought you could use it for Birthday.

You need to becareful when you cut the stars. I think I need a new blade but they cut pretty good. They are VERY small if you keep them the size I did.

You all have a good week and have a cool week! :)


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Jeanie said...

Lisa -

I think your designs are super-cute! I love your idea of having Christmasy designs in the summer. Makes me wish for cooler weather...
I saw your comment on my blog about making something in different colors of solid paper - but I'm not sure quite what you'd like to have - please e-mail me with more details and I'll be glad to try to make it for you -