Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Christmas in July

Have you guys ever heard of this? We don't give gifts or anything. :( We don't decorate like we do in December. So why we say Christmas in July is clueless for me. Maybe I should Google it... Oh look, I did...heehee or should I say HoHoHo.

Christmas in July, alternatively Holiday(s) in July in the United States, is a party concept exploited as a marketing opportunity.It generally occurs during the month of July coincidentally near July 26, the feast day of Saint Joachim and Saint Anne, the grandparents of Jesus.

In Western culture, Christmas occurs on December 25. With Christmas generally comes gift-giving and much holiday cheer. During the summer months in the northern hemisphere, the weather becomes increasingly warm and many people crave the atmosphere of cooler temperatures, gift giving, and holiday spirit. To satisfy this craving, some people throw parties during the month of July that mimic the holiday of Christmas. Features of Christmas in July include Santa Clause, ice cream and other cold foods, and gifts. Often nightclubs host parties open to the public.

Technically, if one wanted to hold an event to mark the halfway point in between consecutive Christmases, one should hold the event on June 24th (midsummer in Europe Nativity of St. John the Baptist for Catholics), which is seven days before the month of July. Thus, theoretically, the name should be "Christmas in June". However, Christmas and December are generally equated with colder temperatures and in the Northern Hemisphere the average temperatures in July are generally higher than those in June, thus the name Christmas in July is appropriate. In addition, the Scandinavian word for Yule is Jul, which happens to be the abbreviation for July in English. Additionally, July is the seventh month, seven being an important number in Christian doctrine.

All I know is EVERYBODY makes it a sale here. It doesn't matter if you are buying flooring, windows, or even underwear, there is a Christmas in July Sale. For this month I have decided that all files I share, will be in the way of the Christmas holiday. I might throw in some snow. I'm not sure yet.

If I'm not busy, I'll post my first file.

Hugs, Lisa

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Joanna said...

Cute idea, Lisa! Thanks...can always use more Christmas files!