Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another Card

Just stuck in the house again. Thought today is interesting. I live about 40 minutes from Detroit and the Mayor is in trouble. (now I am saying that like I was telling on my sister) It is just a mess. He, the mayor, used city money with out city council approval or even knowing. He also had an affair, when he said he didn't, and he lied under oath. If you really want to hear some gossip, or just something different, goto

Oh, the mayor's name is Kwame Kilpatrick in case you have to "search."

As for my treat for the day. Another card...I found some scraps and placed that on first. Then I used my photo slide punch and punched out some glitter paper. The glitter paper and punch came from JoAnn's but the paper was from Christmas. Then I put sticker in the photo area. A pretty simple idea, but I think it looks good. :)

Have fun and stay warm!!


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