Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Good Evening All

It snowed again!!!! About 5 inches this time. I shoveled twice. Once this morning and then again in the afternoon. Did I tell you that the plow went by and I had to shovel the end of the drive way. You know there darned of you do and darned if they don't. If the plow driver didn't go through I would be mad. Now they went through and I had to shovel and I'm mad. Summer.....please come soon. :)


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Vickie ~ BGlad Papercrafts said...

I totally understand Lisa. The plow went early this am, but was over 10 foot from the end of our drive. I shoveled the drive, hoping he'd come back so I didn't have to shovel the road - but no such luck! So I just leveled it out enough for hubby to get the car back into the drive. LOL