Sunday, March 9, 2008

Google Ads

As you guys can see, I'm trying something new. It's called AdSence. For toughs of you that know what to do, please do. For toughs of you that don't know about AdSence, please go to their web site. It's all through Google and is safe.

Right now they are showing ad's for things I say. Like the shovel die cut, so now there is ad's for snow. I read that if you say more of the "special" words there will be more ad's for that. There will be more words like die cuts, scrapbook, card making and rubber stamps so we can get ad's that relate to my BLOG. Just bare with me and my die cuts, scrapbook pages, card making and rubber stamps. lol

Well you have a happy die cut day and thank you to all. :)


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