Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Saturday All!


There is snow and more snow here in Michigan that it's just not funny anymore. My Grandma is in town, of course from Florida, and she is leaving tomorrow to go back home. I think she may have played a cruel joke on us. Give us 8 inches of snow and then leave for Florida. Do you think she would take me back with her? Nooo :) What ever happened to Grandmas spoiling their Grandchildren? lol

This card was created form a pre-made white card that is 5x6.5" that I bought from my craft store in packs of 50. Then I found this really cute paper of clouds and glued that to the whole 5x6.5" face. Then I placed the grass down that I got from Colleen Grace. Thanks Colleen. :) Now the eggs are pieced together on a white background, there is a special cut in the GSD file. I then used my foam tape, about 5 little squares, and placed that on the grass. Now I have a GellyRoll Stardust clear pen. These are wonderful and fun. They come in a 2 pack and they were $4.00 but I used my coupons and that helped a bit. I traced around the eggs to give them...well SPARKLE. Now place the die cut bunny where ever you wish. I think these die cuts would look good on a scrapbook page too. :)

If I can not get on this blog tomorrow, I wish you all a happy Easter. If you do not believe in Easter, I hope you have a very happy Sunday.

Hugs, Lisa


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the cute card file - I need to get busy on my family cards today and this will come in so handy!
Have a blessed Easter!

Caroline said...

cute, thanks !