Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cut and Fold Heart Pattern

Have you guys ever been to this web site? http://www.handcraftedgreetings.com/ If not, you must go. I have been in contact with Judy, one who designed this pattern, and she has let me create a GSD so we don't have to use a craft knife.

She has done many other patterns, which I would LOVE to create and that I may add here one day. I ask you PLEASE do not create one of her patterns to a GSD file and share it or blog it with out her permission! You would not want someone to do that to your file/pattern so please do not do that to her.

Here is the link directing you to the Cut and Fold Heart Pattern. Here you will find the "how to" on creating this beautiful card. http://www.handcraftedgreetings.com/valentineinst.html

Thank you Judy again for letting me share your creations. :)


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Joanna said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing.