Saturday, June 21, 2008

Here's some pictures

These are some of the pictures I thought you might want to see of my trip. This place was soooo beautiful and coming from boring Michigan, I did not want to leave. For my friends that don't live here you don't understand. When My friend, Beth, and I were driving I-75 North I saw an orange sign saying Mowing in Progress. I have never seen that sign in my life. When we finally get to the Michigan border you can tell we have not mowed in a long time. The weeds and grass were as tall as my chest and I'm about 5'6". As usual, we are told "budget cut's" are the reason. I think that every person in government needs a "budget cut" to their salary! :)

Anyways......this GSD is of the dancing Kokopelli. I didn't cut it out to show you but I got and trace it like the last one.



Joanna said...

Beautiful pictures, Lisa. So glad you had a good time.

Jun Bug House said...

Thanks for the GSD but where is "Here"
It is beautiful!!!