Friday, June 6, 2008

Look at What I'm Trying......

OK, now I know to some of you this is not a big deal but I have been going to "adult School" to learn PhotoShop and I did something and it looks good!! lol

I don't think most of you know but I am NOT the poster child for school. I hated school. All I liked was my friends and of course the body I used to have. lol And yes was a "fashion show." I did my time. Went on to college and got a BFA in Graphic Design. Though I graduated in 95' there was only 5 computers to share and the course Computer Arts which had PhotoShop. (Probably version -.07) haha This Computer Arts class was an elective and I think I did well. I remember we saved our works to a "black" 3" floopy. AH the times...... So you can see I learned on what I call "table top." I am great with paper and a pencil which I feel today students are not.

So why did I do this photo? Well you know I love to show you fun times in my life and this was one. My Sister and I got money from our Great Grandmother for our Birthdays and my dad made us buy Christmas trees that we NEVER decorated. Which I was 7 and my sister was 10 so you can tell this was not our first choice on how to spend the money. :) But back then you listened to your parents and did what they said. I don't remember if Nanny ever saw the trees but I can tell you I went past this house years ago and they were taller than the house. I went back to the house, about 3 year ago, and they were gone.

Anyways it's really really HOT here and thats why I'm giving you a Summer picture. If you go back to a Feburary bolg I probably will be complaining that it's to cold. haha

The weekend will be hot too and NOBODY has any gas money, so I will be here adding downloads to my blog. Don't you feel like your 17 again scrounging around for money? lol

Talk Later....

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Joanna said...

Cool, Lisa! I wish I had photoshop on my 'puter, but don't. :( I like the new look on your blog too! :) Great job!