Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Alright I have had enough. Where is this global warming that I keep hearing about? I am more than willing to take in a polar bear....only if he's nice and can handle my cooking. lol For those that don't know exactly where I live, I live near Ann Arbor. Home of University of Michigan. I am also 40 minutes, driving 80 on the highway, west of Detroit.

This is just nuts. Every other day the Weather Chanel is blinking, on my bottom right corner, on my computer. If this keeps up I think I am just going to have to stop shaving my legs. You know for warmth!! Yea, that's right.

Enjoy my pictures you Southern friends and again I beg for your adoption. lol



AuBien said...

We got our first "real" snow this it's fun for us. Your pictures look cold!

Mima said...

Hola Lisa from the North,LOL. Know wonder your last creation was about snow. Your becoming a poler bear. Time to get out your heating blanket, lots of hot coco, so you thaw out those little finger and created some warm files. LOL Brrrr! I surprise you were able to get out and take those picture prefect shots. They are beautiful shots, I may say so.

Miao said...

Hi, snow snow and a little more snow:)
Herer in Sweden there is about 1 cm snow in Stockholm. I remember my younger days when the winter was like yours.

Loved yor blog, I´ll be back. love mIa

Joanna said...

ME ME ME ME ME! I am with you, Lisa!

Kelly said...

I'm in wisconsin I might have to raise you one :) Thanks for the files they are great!! Kelly